Sunday, April 03, 2005


CA Rethinks Claria

Before anything, the life and works of Karol Wojtyla, Pope John Paul II should be celebrated and commemorated. He deserves the highest of honors, to be remembered as a good man. The man was a force for good.

Last Tuesday I noted Computer Associates' temporary (with a heavily implied quotes around the temporary) delisting of some of Claria (f/k/a Gator)'s foistware. A post by Eric Howes on Broadband Reports brings the good news that not only has CA reinstated the foistware in question, it has also relabeled other Claria products as full-blown spyware. Eric's observations are quoted below:

Still worse for Claria, in a number of cases the products that CA already knew about have received updated classifications that are more damning than they were before.Here's a summary of the updates, changes, and additions to the Claria
products included in CA Pest Patrol's definitions:

* Dashbar was: Adware now: Spyware/Toolbar/BHO

* Date Manager was: Adware now: Adware & Spyware

* PrecisionTime: was: Adware now: Adware & Spyware

* Weatherscope was: Adware/Home Page Hijacker/Search Hijacker now: Adware & Spyware

* WebSecureAlert was: Adware now: Adware & Spyware

* Claria/Gator/GAIN was: Adware/Search Hijacker now: Adware & Spyware

* GotSmiley (new) was: n/a now: Adware & Spyware

* Screenscenes (new) was: n/a now: Adware & Spyware

* eWallet (new) was: n/a now: Adware & Spyware new

Looks like the boys from Islandia have grown some cojones. (Well, they always had them, they just used 'em the wrong way). Their criteria for evaluating crapware can be found here (I hesitate to call it a scorecard since I don't see the weighting or scoring criteria, however, it's a darned good listing).


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