Friday, April 22, 2005


Debauchee, n. One who has so earnestly pursued pleasure that he has had the misfortune to overtake it.

Blogger did it again, lunching today's post, and its much-vaunted "Recover Post" feature did bupkis to recover my carefully worded missive, so I'm a touch crunched for time to dash this one off.

First Voodoo Bank is indeed considering engaging my team's services, however, we're facing some resistance on the ground there from the First Ghurka Regiment Of Competing Consulting Firm Based In The Most Populous Former British Colonial Possession (FGROCCFBITMPFBCP isn't a great acronym, that's for sure). The good thing about First Voodoo Bank is that they recognize where their core competencies are and aren't, and know where the holes lie in this particular endeavor. Since the First Ghurka Regiment merely says "Yes" to everything First Voodoo Bank says, their credibility is shot due to them not asking questions and pushing back when outlandish or impractical requirements will impede or cripple the project's end state. I love this kind of thing, even when it does involve a bit of travel. Besides, I do a pretty mean Punjabi accent myself, and can probably talk to them in terms they'll understand :-).

The unfortunate part is that I have to have a fairly detailed analysis of the situation ready for Tuesday AM, so of course that clobbers my plans for the weekend for the most part. I'm hosting the Seder this year (well, let me qualify that. I have little patience for the full-blown ritual. When I sit at the dinner table, I want to eat. So, basically, the kiddies will read the Fier Kashes - quickly - and then we eat. My family's never had the patience to sit through the whole thing and I still chortle to this day at the memory of my father, a very pious man indeed, at a Seder at some family friend's house muttering "Enough already! Let's eat" as the ritual entered its second hour). And thankfully, band practice tomorrow - I need a chance to wail a bit....


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