Friday, April 15, 2005


Ecce Blogdom

Every once in a while, like most bloggers, I get hit with writer's block, and today is no exception. This week has been a real roller coaster on a lot of fronts, and in prioritizing my time I've got little left for reflection to create incisive posts, and frankly, other than immediate business stuff that's interesting me I'm a bit burned out at looking at the yentasphere. Oh, I have a bit of bile saved up, it's just a matter of finding the time.

That said, I was a bit annoyed that Mr. Bush came out this AM against the new regulations requiring passports to enter the US from Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, etc. I'm rather sure that it's an easy matter for a bad guy to procure what is currently acceptable to enter the US from those jurisdictions, and as such, I fear that we've got some major bad actors already in place through those entry points. Don't get me wrong, I generally approve highly of the president, but I think there's a bit of pandering to two constituencies here that could adversely impact all of us. Excedrin headache #436.....


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