Saturday, April 02, 2005


Harangue, n. A speech by an opponent, who is known as an harangue-outang

Much ado today, so little time for ranting.

Biggest rant is the AMT. This is an issue that's going to bite the Republicans in the ass in '06 and '08 unless something is done about it. We all know the history, how it was designed to "close tax loopholes for the rich", but frankly, it's been biting me for years and I hardly fall into that category. Salaries of average professionals are in the range that gets snagged by the AMT, and the threshold gets lower every year. Not that the Dems will do any better about it, it's not in their interest, after all, they've got to fund their Commune-ity (for the folks from Noumea, the spelling is quite intentional; I figure New Caledonia is probably the only place one can make a joke about in these PC days) Development Programs and other such nonsense. I happened to be chatting with a dear friend who is an arch-nemesis (politically speaking) about this and he was likewise totally fuming over the bite taken by the AMT. Libertarianism looks much more attractive after getting back from the accountant at this time of year, let me tell you.....

From this morning's Sulzberger entity on the proposed extension of the Flushing line to the Javits center:

The authority's board faced tremendous pressure to justify its acceptance of about $210 million from the Jets over the offer of about $400 million upfront from Cablevision, the owner of Madison Square Garden. Members of the board who had rarely, if ever, mentioned the No. 7 extension in the past described the project as top priority.

"It's very important that the No. 7 line get built," the board's vice chairman, David S. Mack, said. "That would be jeopardized by the M.S.G. bid."

It's pretty obvious that the people running transportation in this area don't understand what a traffic matrix is. Who the heck is going to use two billion dollars worth of subway extension on days when there isn't a football game? Maybe a couple of thousand heading to the Javits Center? Don't make me laugh. The out-of-towners going there will cab it, it's in their T&E budget for whatever event is there (assuming of course that any real event gets held there, exhibitors don't want to pay for the unions and the mob). Football games? Who holds the season tickets? Manhattanites regard football as hopelessly declasse, so it'll be people from the burbs and the boroughs. The bridge and tunnel crowd isn't going to wait for public transportation on a Sunday schedule (even though there might be extra trains on the 7 line to the stadium, there won't necessarily be extra trains on the LIRR or Metro North, or for that matter the other subway lines), so why not dump twenty or thirty thousand cars into midtown Manhattan?


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