Sunday, April 17, 2005


Michael Jackson To Sell Beatles Catalog - Except For "This Boy".....

Forbes of course has a more cogent explanation of Mr. Jackson's financials than the tabloid screaming. The encumbrance on the Sony/ATV catalog (aka The Beatles catalog) isn't due until the end of this year, the current crisis is predicated on Jackson's own publishing outfit, Mijac.

And won't someone, please, please make this trial get off the news and talk shows.....

Yes, I know I've been somewhat remiss in my duties as a blogger over the last week, however, I've had a boatload of stuff happening, and something had to give, not to mention my muse has somewhat left me due to just a whole bunch of unrelated crap that doesn't bear mentioning (yet) in the blog. Just leave it at everything's OK by me, but my available bandwidth and my inclination to post was just at a minimum for the last week.

One totally cool thing happened on Saturday that did pick up my mood. I've been sitting in with a second band, and we've been puttering around trying to put a set list together. My dear friend and bandmate from my primary band has also been sitting in, and he was goofing around on an A to D chord progression, and we ended up kicking the band into Van Morrison's "Domino". It's been ages since I've listened to Van, I probably turned off because every oldies station plays "Brown Eyed Girl" ad nauseum, but damn, I had a blast playing "Domino". Great song. I usually vacillate between "Domino" and "Jackie Wilson Said" for my favorite Van Morrison song, but I guess I've made my decision (at least for the moment). And yes, we played "Brown Eyed Girl", and you know, I really got off on that one as well. A bit of distance did wonders for me on that one (it's also a lot cooler to play it yourself than listening to some station where you know the next song is either going to be "Judy In Disguise", "Take A Letter Maria" or "Sugar Sugar").

I had to do a fair amount of video editing recently, and I ended up downloading Ulead Media Studio's 30 day free trial version to A/B against Pinnacle Studio. No question, Ulead has a lot of neat features, but for a single camera shoot that doesn't require a lot of fanciness in the finished product, I'd still go with Pinnacle Studio. I was able to cut about 3 hours of raw video footage down to a 90 minute finished film in about 3 hours (most of which was just getting the cuts and transitions right), and it simply worked. It took another 30 minutes to do the titles and menus, and I hit the render button (it took the High Altar about 4 1/2 hours to render the video and get the DVD image ready). I really have to find a couple of hours to sit down and play with Ulead with the same raw source material (shot on my new Mini-DV cam) and see if I can get the same product out (I have my notes on my edit points on a bunch of sticky notes, so it's a fairly simple matter to get the same cuts), but for the type of video shoots I do (fairly infrequent, single camera), Pinnacle is hard to beat for KISS.


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