Thursday, April 28, 2005


Score One For The Good Guys

Ordinarily, any time a New York Democrat opens his mouth, I immediately shield my eyes and ears from the bombast and check my pocket to see if it's being picked, but Eliot Spitzer may be the exception to the rule. He's announced that he's suing spyware vendor Intermix for that thing they do. I personally would've preferred an indictment (a few perp walks would do wonders for spyware execs, not to mention all the exercise they'd get in some pound-'em-in-the-ass correctional facility), but hey, hitting them in the pocketbook is always a good way to start.

Needless to say I doubt any serious action will take place (uhh, Eliot - an injunction, please?) for a while, but I'll be darned, this guy is actually showing that he's actually interested in enforcing laws for the benefit of everyone. True, it's likely grandstanding for his upcoming run against Blandburgers Pataki, but any serious legal threat against the spyware types is always a welcome ally.


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