Tuesday, May 17, 2005


I demand my rights under the Volstead Act....

The new Linksys router locked up last night (I happened upon it sometime within twenty minutes of when it happened) and I was quite annoyed over it. The SMC it replaced locked up perhaps once over the last four years, certainly way after I bought it originally. A quick power cycle brought it back once I checked the other computers on the LAN here, but I've heard enough tales of random Linky lockups to make me nervous. Funny thing, I bought a WRT54G for my mother's cable modem connection last year, and it's been completely trouble-free. The only difference of course is that we have the newer firmware plus the voice ports on this puppy, but it's got me a bit nervous at this point. Perhaps Vonage was attempting to upgrade the firmware, or perhaps it was just a glitch, but me, I'm used to Linksys' parent company's routers. Assuming you keep those in a proper environment and don't mess with them, they run uneventfully for years (worst case you might have to replace a power supply or a fan, but BFD in that case).

The odd thing was that Layer 3 connectivity was hosed, but you could see the LAN activity lights flashing. Couldn't ping any interfaces on the router, internal or external, nor access the admin page. I know that we had briefly called out over the VoIP just before it happened, so it's possible there could've been some SIP glitch, but being the anal-retentive troubleshooter that I am, that sets my mind to focusing (where it will go.....).

Fark happened to point to an article in the Chicago Sun-Times that only eight Howard Johnson's restaurants are now left, one within less than an hour's drive. Other than some eighty-something lady putting her car through the glass doors the other day, the place seems fairly safe, as the local paper describes it as "popular". I'll have to drag the young'uns over there soon, just in case. It seems only inevitable that it'll become a Bennigabees or something when someone unlocks the value in the place, but I really do miss the franks grilled in "creamery butter" and the ice cream (although I hear it's down to 16 flavors, but then again, I only eat vanilla anyway). I happened to mention the article to a friend and he reminded me that Howard Johnson's only sold their own house brand cola, which wasn't quite up to the standards set in Atlanta and Purchase. I'd imagine with only eight outlets now those days are long gone, but tell the truth, I'm on a nostalgia kick with this, and I'll have to scratch that itch soon.


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