Monday, May 16, 2005


I Was Married By A Judge, I Should've Asked For A Jury

My final observation on Vonage for the moment - the light background crackle that characterized some of the calls disappeared entirely on Saturday night, so I definitely think that that's a function of my ISP's backbone load and peering. The calls were eminently acceptable, so I suppose I'll just have to live with the odd crackle during the week (it isn't impacting any of the conversations, so I can certainly live with it, and the QoS features of the new Linky router are letting my VPN and other web activities happening without impairing intelligibility). Overall, the only big question about Vonage is if they will eventually be taken over by someone, however, the bang for the buck is certainly well worth it at this point.

Frank Rich decided to opine on the Stones in this AM's Sulzberger entity. He correctly say the Stones were fun. The operative word there is "were". I'm still firmly convinced that the Stones haven't had a full album's worth of good material since "Exile On Main Street", that they've only had one good single ("Mixed Emotion") in the last twenty years, and that for most of the last thirty years they've totally blown as a live band. The recent four DVD set showed them with a bit of regained teeth (dentures?), but as much as Ron Wood is a nice guy and good guitarist, he plays too much. Too many little fills when a chugging chord will do. Last time the Stones really cooked on stage, Mick Taylor was up there. And for heaven's sake, save the girl background singers for Tumbling Dice, and keep 'em offstage for the rest of the show....


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