Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Malefactor, n. The chief factor in the progress of the human race.

Grouchiness abounds today in my neck of the woods. This one picture from the Cream reunion exacerbates it:

Eric's using a Strat. With Cream. Surely the apocalypse is upon us with this sacreligious sight. A Strat... (and yes, for the record, I own two Strats, and play them regularly, and love them. They just aren't right for playing Cream.......)

The Quicken upgrade went fairly uneventfully, although there were a couple of anxiety-ridden moments. It needed to uninstall the previous version, which of course left me sweating the accidental death or dismemberment of my data, however, that proved to be a non-event, and the registration failed on the first attempt with a 404 Not Found error. The second time proved to be the charm, and Quicken 2005 went live. Nothing extraordinary here, although it does look nice, and one of the highly trumpeted features of the upgrade proved to be a bust. Said feature, an improvement to the backup capabilities of the program, so that CDs could be burned directly instead of shuffling fifteen floppies in and out of the High Altar merely had the data files copied over to a directory somewhere so that the Windows CD Burning Wizard (whatever the hell that is) would be able to quickly and effectively back up my data. Since I've been burning CDs for a very long time without the assistance of said wizard, I had absolutely no reason or desire to find this "feature", and in fact, I'm a bit miffed that I have to go digging for some external tool to do the backups.

Needless to say, finding the directory in question is going to be interesting. Rather than putting it someplace easily locatable, like My Documents, they've necessitated searching the hundreds of files and directories touched in a normal day's computer access. Perhaps the settings are tweakable (my only concern was getting my bills paid and such), but so far, I fail to see the utility of this new backup paradigm.


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