Monday, May 02, 2005


Monday Morning Blues And Greens

An incredibly busy week awaits me work-wise, so I'm still going to be keeping a low profile.

Some software upgrades await me this week, Quicken being the most imperative (I'm rather annoyed with Intuit for sunsetting every version prior to 2004, although my 2002 installation has a couple of odd behaviors here and there in reconciliation that drive me up the wall). I'll have to take care of that today or tomorrow, as the first of the month always has a couple of high priority financials that need to be addressed. The second upgrade is Pinnacle Studio, which really doesn't need to be upgraded at all, but migrating to version 9 and some of its goodie packs will give me a better selection of menus and FX for my next DVD production which is upcoming in the next few weeks. I've also resolved to get my video stuff over to a dedicated drive, as I've got something like 20 gigs from the last effort taking up space and I would like to keep that drive free for backups and storing things that don't need to be on the primary drive on the High Altar.

My good friend informs me that a certain high-end guitar shop we're acquainted with has parted ways with Gibson guitars, somewhat unsurprising since Mad Dog Juskiewicz's initiatives have managed to piss off most of his retailers. My local shop's Gibson specialist told me a rather interesting story; he confirmed that his Gibson rep told them they had to pony up $100K for new inventory, which he (my local guy) would gladly do except for a small problem - Gibson doesn't seem to have stock to ship. $100K - that's a lot of wood at dealer prices. I may be making some calls to former Gibson dealers this week about a Les Paul Standard - I'm just too tempted.

Then again, guitargai has a gorgeous Epiphone Byrdland for sale. It's a Japanese Elite, not an Elitist, and has me drooling, although short of doing the Clapton at Bangladesh thing, I can't see for the life of me what I'd use it for. And if you watch the film, it looks like Eric's using Brownie for most of the show anyway.... (considering the Gibby is probably $5K at a minimum, the Epi is fairly priced at $1900; probably better QC, that's for sure)

I kicked myself a bit for not seeing "Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy" this weekend, but I suppose I'll manage sometime in the next few weeks (hopefully before Star Wars comes out, I don't want to be within five miles of the multiplex when that thing comes out; I'll definitely wait for the hoopla to pass, but with my luck, "Hitchhikers" will already be relegated to some second run theater that's astonishingly inconvenient for me to get to, necessitating a wait for the DVD).

I've decided against buying the new Bruce Springsteen album. From what I've heard, it sounds like a bunch of "Ghost of Tom Joad" rejects, and I need something positive to listen to. If I want dreariness, I'll read Steinbeck. For sheer amusement, I modified Dack's Web Economy Bullshit Generator Javascript code to generate Springsteen cliches (using phrases like "little girl", "darkness", "highway", etc.). Perhaps I'll modify this site's template to include it (you can't imagine the heat I took for doing this from some friends who are die-hard Springsteen fans; don't get me wrong, I like his stuff up through "The River". After that, there's just too much filler and dreariness).


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