Saturday, May 28, 2005


One Year Later....

Amazingly enough, I've been doing this blog for an entire year. I had no idea about whether this was going to be a short-term adventure, or whether this thing would gain some traction, but here I am, a year later. Certainly quite a bit more cynical than I was at this point a year ago, if such a thing is possible, but with the advantage of hindsight and another year's seasoning, I'd suppose it is indeed a positive thing. As to my original concept of commenting largely on the corporate fools surrounding me with only a smattering of observations on other matters, like all well-managed projects (ha!) the vision has changed a tiny bit, merely for reasons of trying to maintain a bit of distance and not brooding on those matters which make normal business hours the stressful event that requires liberal application of Caldeonian produce and Bayerische Getränk to alleviate the day's nonsense. However, as things warrant, of course there will be plenty of observations and stories from the arena.

Interestingly enough, I did find Respected Employer's blogging policy, and officially, we are permitted to blog (as long as we don't discuss confidential information) and we're encouraged to identify ourselves and Respected Employer. I have a suspension bridge connecting Lower Manhattan and the Borough Of Churches with stone towers to sell you if you think that they don't have a concerted effort to see what people have to say about them out there, be it on blogs or places like Vault. While I'm pretty sure that they don't have dedicated Personalungeziefer monitoring for these things, I'm sure that it's definitely within someone's scope of defined duties to see if too much information is out there. Nope, I shall maintain my privacy, and not identify Respected Employer nor the dopey entities I interface with on an ongoing basis.


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