Saturday, May 07, 2005


Pastime, n. A device for promoting dejection. Gentle exercise for intellectual debility.

The last two days have utterly consumed me with a veritable firehose of conference calls for my new project, just trying to get up to speed with the players and what's happening, so my head's spinning. The great thing about this project is that it's highly virtualized, meaning a lot of working at home (nice not to have to take the train in for a while), and that means I've got to do some upgrading of the voice situation. While I've got a dedicated POTS line for my home office, plus Skype, I've thought about going with Vonage for the home office to take advantage of some of their cool voicemail and forwarding features, not to mention the unlimited calling in the US and Canada (I will be calling all over both countries) plus the odd international call (both EMEA and ASEA). SkypeOut is an option of course, and I'll A/B them with Vonage to see which is more suitable.

The one thing that was holding me back was the firewall situation, as I have everything locked tight here, and have no desire to start punching holes in the configuration to accommodate VoIP, but the customized Linksys WRT54G solves that problem, plus it'll let me redeploy my access point (my home router is hard-wired) to a better location in the house to extend my range. I'll probably pick up the retail package on Sunday and set it up, a report on Monday AM if the thing doesn't ring off the hook by 0800.

Last night I took my older young'uns to see Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. They finally understand now why I answer "42" every time they ask one of those deep kid questions. Overall, I rather liked it, although it dragged a bit. I must admit that it was a masterpiece of casting. Mos Def played an unexpected, but very credible Ford Prefect, Sam Rockwell channeled Nicolas Cage wonderfully as Zaphod Beeblebrox, and I found myself drooling over Zooey Deschanel, who out-Karen Allens Karen Allen as Trillian. Martin Freeman was suitably befuddled as Arthur Dent, and Alan Rickman was another unexpectedly credible choice as Marvin's voice. There was a moment when I was half-expecting the two mice to start singing
"Mosura ya Mosura dongan kasakuyan indoo muu rosuto uiraadoa, hanba hanbamuyan...", but that's just my warped sense of humor (for the kaiju-impaired, Google "Mosura" and click the first result).


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