Thursday, May 12, 2005


Slightly Short Shrift

Vonage continues to remain unremarkable, and the crackliness seems to have slightly abated, so I'm still OK with everything. In fact, a case of backhoe fade at Mom's led me to add another line yesterday. Her next door neighbors were trenching to install something surely essential, and managed not only to cut their own cable and POTS service, but Mom's POTS service as well. The ILEC determined that a truck roll was necessary, but seeing as how only two customers were affected it's way low on their priority list. Mom's got a lot of stuff doing right now where she needs vox comms, but she's in a cellular dead spot, so that's not an option, so being a good son, I headed over to Staples and picked up the Vonage kit with a Linksys PAP2 phone adapter (no way I was going to replace her router, a Linky WRT54G that I put in about a year ago). Went through the web activation in a matter of minutes, including setting her up for Vonage's version of 911 (she is elderly, after all), and plugged in the PAP2 into a router port. It looked like the provisioning was done in a matter of two minutes, but we waited for five, and lo and behold, dial tone. A nice paradigm, if I do say so.

My project's got a couple of major deliverables in flight, but the architecture we're using for those deliverables is based on an older one-off design for a project which just happens to be fairly close to what we need to get to the clients. It's not bad at all, actually, based on Tomcat, but it needs to be a bit more flexible and extensible (we're thinking about an eventual enterprise service bus implementation, and rather than writing adapters for this thing, it would be nice if it spoke ESB out of the box) but we're too close to delivery to make that sort of radical change. Oh well, next release......


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