Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Stupid bloody Tuesday...

Much-needed R&R Sunday and yesterday chilled me out nicely, however, today brings the usual corporate nonsense which has kept me away from the blogging keyboard for the better part of the day. Sunday was an exceptionally good day, seeing good friends in the afternoon (along with a very pleasant surprise - thanks J), taking the young'uns out for a couple of special treats - including the Star Wars movie that evening. I have to say that I loved the visuals in the film, but true, it's not for younger children. Darth Vader's transformation was especially tough, along with the scene where he ahem, makes resource modifications to the Jedi's future cadre. Still, it's a worthy part of the canon. My main bitch about the evening concerned the coming attractions, which amazingly enough only lasted 15 minutes. There was an entirely inappropriate trailer for a theater full of young children, which annoyed the hell out of me. Some piece of nonsense about a married couple who are hit men, but there was enough stuff in the trailer that raised questions from my youngsters that I really didn't want to start answering at that moment. Besides, wasn't Kathleen Turner in something like this a couple of decades ago?

On top of it, a wisdom tooth is killing me, and I will freely admit that the first words that come to my mind when this sort of thing happens are "Is it safe?".

Items for review in the next day or so include "House Of Lies" by Martin Kihn, a great description of life as a management consultant, and the DVD release of "Yellow Matter Custard".


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