Friday, May 20, 2005


Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall piss you off

My project's respectful disagreement over standards selection ended up with a pretty brutal meeting where some of our partners were insisting on the Betamax, while the consensus on our side was VHS. The big problem I have isn't so much the two standards, but I can't make a business case to accommodate the Betamax solution (which as I noted will require will require a fair amount of time and effort associated to accomodate it), but the partners would like us to commit resources to accomodate their preference. The marginal revenue just isn't worth it for us at the time, and going forward, we will indeed look at accomodating the competing standard as we implement enterprise service buses for this and other related project. Funny enough, data formats aren't that much of an issue here, but there are significant protocol differences which will undoubtedly keep Sanjay and Ramesh very busy when the interface does become viable to build.

Interesting domain squatter issue on a friend's PC yesterday. Kid mistyped an URL for a site, and ended up at some cockamamie search engine. The problem was that the kid had started messing with the privacy settings on IE, so I swung into action. Although there were a couple of trace bits of spyware based on scans by MSFT AntiSpyware and SpySubtract (seven or eight registry keys, one DLL) the system was clean. HijackThis was clean. However, every time the kid logged in, he kept getting messages saying "Do you want to change your home page to" after a message from MSFT AntiSpyware said a toolbar was trying to install. There was obviously something screwed up in the kid's profile settings, but since I needed to get a life last evening, I saved the kid's My Documents, and blew away the account and created him a new one. It's not like there was anything that required a heroic effort, but being the type who hates to admit defeat (more like admitting fatigue), it's been bugging me that I didn't solve the issue. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Motti...

In the weird department, consider the following conversation between Shmuley Boteach and Mr. Jackson as recounted by the good rabbi in yesterday's Jerusalem Post:

SB: What if they were like the Nazis, just evil people?

MJ: I can't imagine that I couldn't reach their hearts in some kind of way.

SB: So you believe that if you were face to face with Hitler you could...?

MJ: Absolutely. Absolutely! He had to have had a lot of yes people around him who were afraid of him.

SB: You believe that if you had an hour with Hitler you could somehow touch something inside of him?

MJ: Absolutely. I know I could.

SB: With Hitler? Come on. So you don't believe there is anyone who is completely evil and there is no way to touch them? So you don't believe in punishing the wicked because then...?

MJ: No I believe you have to help them, give them therapy. You have to teach them, that somewhere something in their life went wrong. They don't see what they do. They don't understand that it is wrong a lot of times.

SB: But Michael, there are clearly people who are irredeemable. Like Hitler. He was evil incarnate. There was no humanity there for you to address. You'd be speaking to the abyss, to a darkness like you never before witnessed. What about someone who has killed a lot of people? Don't you believe that there should be no therapy for them? They are murderers and they need to face extreme punishment.

MJ: I feel horrible about it. I wish somebody could have reached their hearts.

As much as I really seriously don't want to get into anything relating to MJ's trial, the only other person I ever heard talk this way was Yoko. She said she would've fucked the Fuhrer for peace. Needless to say any mental visualization of that event is something to be avoided, however, there is of course proof of Mr. Jackson's healing therapy with Adolf.....

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Much doing this weekend, company, band rehearsal and gig, plus taking the kiddies to Star Wars. No posts till Monday......


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