Thursday, June 30, 2005


Assorted rants....

Since I'm about to spend the next six and one half hours on conference calls, it's time for a quick commentary just to let you all know I'm still breathing (occasionally....)

The Sulzberger Entity reports this morning that MSFT is in negotiations to buy Claria. In Claria's defense, I'll concede they haven't adopted overly obnoxious countermeasures against removal (it's more along the lines of sly wording and "pretty please with sugar on it", so it merely gets the Frankly Unctuous award, named after my favorite crooner) so they're not to be classified with Aurora or Cool Web Search, however, the implications boggle the mind. The boys in Redmond owning the tracking technology and databases is scary enough, and if the marketing types (Sales and Marketing being somewhere in the general vicinity of moral fiber of the Sturmabteilung) decide that they should embed this technology in the OS, it's BOHICA time. It won't be removable except through major surgery (ever try uninstalling IE?) if at all, and it could be not only embedded into the browser, it could be embedded into MS Office, Money, the whole shebang. Broadband Reports had the amusing yet frightening scenario of Clippy popping up with "You look like you're writing a resume. Would you like to post it on".

The Police Ineptitude Of The Week Award goes to the constabulary in Aruba. Seemingly channeling the JonBenet Ramsey investigation team or simple wussiness, they still haven't found that poor girl's remains yet. A New York City detective would've had a confession already. Says an awful lot about the mentality of the Euros (even though it's the Carribean) - it's not as if these thugs are going to swing for it, odds are they'd get a couple of years with weekends off given the typical European approach to criminal justice nowadays. Give her family some closure, dammit.

Probably no more posts until Tuesday. I intend to enjoy the holiday weekend. To all, my best wishes for a safe and sane Fourth of July.


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