Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I'm From The Entertainment Industry And I'm Here To Help

The sad word came today that those solid citizens in the entertainment industry, you know, the people who endorse Hollywood's amorality and depravity as long as it keeps the analysts happy and we the sheeple buy their product have managed to shut down Lightning UK's DVD Decrypter forever. If you don't have it, Google's cache is your friend. seems to have it still, so grab it while you can.

This of course royally sucks moose, in that people who've nothing better to do than denigrate democracy invoke conservative principles when it suits them. Point blank, a kid can destroy a DVD or game console disc in a matter of minutes, then you're SOL. Are you buying a license, because if you're licensing the rights to play content as the industry contends, replacement media should be handled the same way it is by companies who play it fair. You lose the Oracle or OpenView CDs, give the license number to your rep and you'll have replacements. What's wrong with a replacement policy along these lines? The entertainment types don't have a huge marginal cost on duplication, so providing proof of a license should be enough to obtain replacement media at a reasonable fraction of the original license cost. Of course, their margins are slashed to the bone by the discounters (globalization you know, for all of those poor people who Barbra wants to help, but G-d forbid they should be anywhere near her home unless there's a leaf blower attached).

I really don't give a rat's ass who Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise is fucking. I really couldn't give a rat's ass about most of the movies I've seen in the last 20 years. I have no desire to watch network television, in fact other than news and talking heads, the occasional forays onto the Hitler, er History Channel and the Food Network the only TV show I actually want to watch is The Sopranos, and I've got the DVDs (which reminds me to order the fifth season - just came out today). However, the entertainment industry has taken it upon itself to dictate its weltanschaung to we the people, and that weltanschaung is of course take our liberal agenda, but don't fuck with us - we're capitalists when it's convenient for us. Of course, it's well known that the entertainment industry has put out bogus content onto file sharing networks in order to demonstrate its displeasure with file sharing, what do you want to bet that the marketers and the entertainment industry are behind some of the spyware / malware that's getting increasingly pervasive and difficult to remove. They're at war with us, gang.

Take a look at what a new band goes through if they get signed - the mathematics are inherently stacked against the artist (that little bit about taking royalties off because CDs are "experimental" technology is perhaps the biggest crock since Howard Dean first opened his trap). The entertainment industry is structured such that its favored few will be indulged to the tune of millions even if there's no hope of recovering the investment (Ms. Carey, Ms. Lopez and Mr. Jackson's recent albums come to mind), but heaven forbid that a Spock's Beard or Glass Hammer actually get airplay and distribution. They're not hip and "urban" enough.

Frankly, sooner or later I hope Eliot Spitzer or someone like him decides to turn his attention to the entertainment industry. There's probably quite a lot of stuff to base a RICO case against them. Even though Spitzer's a Dem, he seems to be a man of integrity (hey, they did have Zell Miller and Pat Moynihan, so there is such a thing as a Dem with integrity and honesty).

Today's not going to be fun. I'm pissed from the word go.

Finally, RIP Anne Bancroft. Both as Mrs. Robinson and Mrs. Brooks she was part of our times.


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