Saturday, June 11, 2005


Monotony, Bureaucracy, and Other Ephemeral Inconguities

Much ado at work, of which I have little energy to repeat today, save that it's a bit droning and repetitious. However, no huge issues save for bureaucracy, one which impacts me mightily, however, I have absolutely no control over it, and were it not for a simple bit of rational thought, it could be resolved in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, there are audit trail requirements involved (puhleeeze, we're talking soft dollars here - funny money) so the bean counters are insistent upon doing things in the least expeditious manner possible.

Took the young'uns to see Shark Boy and Lava Girl (at least that's what I think it was called) last night. I had a whopper of a headache from the 3-D scenes. The kids loved it, I was bored silly. Kristin Davis, who I found extremely annoying on Sex And The City, played the mother in the film. She managed to be only mildly annoying in this Spy Kids clone. Lots of kinder in the theater as one would expect, and they were quite loud. I kept expecting to see the brood sitting behind us plugged into Crown power amps at the volume they were commenting / cackling / cheering (not to mention a crossover set to extreme treble).

Found myself with an interesting problem yesterday - a friend's primary business application had been moved to another computer, and for some reason, even though the data files had been copied over (and were current), my friend was missing two years worth of transactions. Needless to say the "Oh shit" key was pressed, and I was called in, after the software vendor struck out. A bit of detective work found the correct file locations, and after a heart-stopping Btrieve moment (I can't believe they still make that thing!) my friend's data popped up. Unfortunately, said friend decided to copy the application to a personal laptop as a DR measure, and lo and behold, I got a call just as I was hustling the kids into the car for the movies to try to reimport the data. Needless to say my head for this sort of thing turns off sometime around 4pm on a Friday, so we left it for Monday AM to resolve. Sigh.....


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