Monday, June 27, 2005


Remember boys and girls - once the pin is pulled, Mr. Grenade is not our friend

RIP Paul Winchell. Rather interesting if you compare some of the real celebrity birdbrains to some of the old timers like Winchell, who had a ton of US patents and actually invented a prototype artificial heart (Hedy Lamarr was another smart one - she came up with the concept of sonar). James Woods is probably the only real smart one these days (and he also provided crucial evidence to the FBI about what might've been a dry run for 9/11 - good thing this guy is very observant). Winchell, well, everyone thinks of him as Tigger's voice, and those of us of a certain age think of him for his ventriloquism - certainly a lost art. His characters (Jerry Mahoney and Knucklehead Smiff) were gentle and beloved by children. Thinking back, I think the revival of Winchell-Mahoney Time actually replaced Soupy Sales in NYC (then again it's probably just failing grey matter). Sigh. I wonder if Jimmy Nelson is still around (Nelson had a similar shtick, with Danny O'Day as the fast-talking puppet and Farfel the dog instead of Knucklehead as the slow-witted comic relief.

A minor problem involving character sets on my current project is threatening to snowball, so I'll probably be a bit quiet this week as well. We've got to get it resolved by Friday. It's actually very simple to resolve, a back-end database instance needs to have its data backed up, a simple ALTER DATABASE issued, and then restore the data, however, since this definitely constitutes a major change event (and who knows what systems that will impact). Change control, here I come....


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