Thursday, June 09, 2005



A couple of conference calls today plus un exercise de feu Chinoise keep me from a long posting this AM. A hosting provider search is also in the cards (no I'm not moving this blog, however, I'm helping out a friendly site), so even though it isn't the obnoxious day yesterday was, there's enough to keep me thoroughly busy. The High Altar is acting a bit slow for no obvious reason - there was a false positive from Norton AntiVirus yesterday (I went into panic mode and did Housecall and a few other online scans and they reported the box as clean, so I'm OK on the malware front, but I do get antsy. Perhaps there's been some patch downloaded from MS Update - I can tell you that Norton's AutoProtect seems to be disabled upon login, and despite following all of the suggested steps from our friends at Symantec, it just seems that I'll have to reenable AutoProtect at each logon - one more thing pushing me toward blowing Norton off the High Altar and putting in AVG or Kaspersky). Between Norton and ZoneAlarm (on my Respected Employer's laptop) I'm ready to scream....


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