Wednesday, July 06, 2005


All the problems we face in the United States today can be traced to an unenlightened immigration policy on the part of the American Indian.

Lots of work stuff this week and next, with the dreaded semi-annual assessment process (in other words, the window dressing that the HR vermin go through in order to justify not giving you any increase because you're above the mean for your "peers") also interfering with my life and sleep patterns. The work stuff is actually very interesting, with some interesting comparisons and blueprinting for the enterprise services bus architecture for my current project. I must give Sun an attaboy for their excellent Java docs and downloads, as I really haven't been on the development side of an SOA before (I haven't done serious development work in years, although I can still code C with the best of them - it's just that I've never had the time, inclination or for that matter the opportunity to do anything with Java other than install Weblogic, Websphere, Oracle, Tomcat and all of the other various toys written in Java; I made a half-hearted attempt at trying to get an applet to work from the Visual Studio Java compiler - I know, I know - some years ago and I couldn't get it to run no matter how hard I tried). Needless to say I will be doing some boning up on various Java related things this week (JAX-RPC and DOM processing of XML docs) so the blog once again takes a back seat.

I've been playing with some of the PD content management systems to put together some internal portals to mess around with for things such as RSS feeds from our various system statuses (I have access to the good stuff, thanks to site licenses at work, but they're a pain to install and configure, so it boiled down to a few PD choices - the current one under test is Xoops, which isn't bad, but I'll reserve opinions after I finish playing with a few more. So far I like Xoops and Mambo, and PHP-Nuke is up shortly for test).

Upcoming short take reviews will be on the Redwalls and Blue Van CDs, plus the first Montrose album.


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