Sunday, July 03, 2005


I was at this restaurant. The sign said "Breakfast Anytime." So I ordered French Toast in the Renaissance.

For someone who thought no new posts until Tuesday I'm sure loquacious (perhaps the simple act of relaxing away from the rather busy times at work is opening the creative spigot a bit), but needless to say I felt the urge to comment a bit on the Live 8 concerts. Point blank, other than happening upon the tail end of Brian Wilson's performance (which royally amused me as he stepped away from his keyboard and gave the audience a stiff-armed salute; I'm sure it was quite unintentional but I inwardly chuckled as it was right in the heart of Berlin - looked like the Tiergarten to me), I didn't watch any of it and I had no desire to.

Oh sure, there were plenty of dinosaur acts for me, but I was quite unprepared to listen to some pompous ass on either MTV or VH1 pontificate on just how much it means. It doesn't mean shit. It's a bunch of multimillionaires alleviating their guilt at their good fortune by being horrifically preachy and telling us that we're the biggest swine if we don't immediately cancel all of Africa's debt and pour a significant chunk of our GNPs into the continent because of all the bad we cause by being consumers (except for all of the petrodistillates that go into compact disk production of course).

I've known many folks from Africa who've come to the NY area. Invariably, they are good, industrious, religious folk who are assets to this country. Invariably, they've all told me what kind of a toilet Africa is and how every place there is ruled by some piss-ant despot who doesn't fail to steal every dime produced by the industrious people as well as the foreign aid blindly shipped in by well-meaning, naive Westerners. Does the name Robert Mugabe ring a bell? There are cultures where thievery is ingrained (a good friend of mine from college is originally from Nigeria, and he always regaled me with tales of how corrupt the place is). Until there's a sea change in the attitudes in Africa, aid money spent there will go to any cause designed to line the pockets of the despots and their apparatchiks, or be stolen by people whose only objective is to separate money from its owners or intended recipients.

I don't have a huge desire to see most of the acts on the bill (I really wish that Mr. Combs and Mrs. Ritchie would pull a Judge Crater; other acts such as Snoop Dogg are merely worthy of ignoring in my opinion) so I don't want to waste any of my time actively seeking new musical horizons here (I've heard good things about some new groups called The Redwalls and The Blue Van, neither of which are on the bill, so I'll put my energies into checking them out). As far as seeing Macca, well, I can pull out lots of DVDs with Macca on them where there's far less pontificating going on. These shows aren't the Bangladesh concert - George wisely kept the preachiness to a short dose before the show and a brief film during intermission. Twelve hours worth of four songs with lots of bombastic rhetoric about how horrible we are interspersed didn't seem like a fun way to spend my Saturday.

Now if they had the Gert Jonnys band on, I might've taken a look.....


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