Monday, July 04, 2005


Short Takes

A couple of quick mini-reviews for today - first being the Eagles' "Farewell 1 Tour - Live From Melbourne" DVD. I'm not a big Eagles fan by any stretch of the imagination but as I was standing in line at Borders with the subject of the second review here the DVD caught my eye and I decided to take a chance on it. Don Felder's no longer with the band, however, the replacement guitarist is certainly competent. The thing that positively intrigued me was seeing a couple of James Gang classics in the set list, and being an old James Gang / Joe Walsh fan way before Hotel California I thought it would be very cool to see them played live (how many times on the old bar band circuit did we hear "Walk Away" - I finally learned to play it the right way just recently; Walsh does some very funky stuff on that original record). I popped the first DVD in and navigated straight to "Walk Away", and I hate to say it, that great classic was presented in a totally wimpified laid back Eagles arrangement. I should've suspected something was up when I saw Walsh playing a Strat on it. Funk #49 was no better, with horns playing the lead part (inexcusable - Walsh really does play well on this show when he's given a chance to cut loose). The Eagles' stuff is well performed and tight - "Already Gone" being a particular favorite of mine. It's just that it's the Eagles - if you prefer California Pizza Kitchen to the genuine article I guess that's fine.

DVD #2 is the exact antithesis of the laid-back Eagles show (which to its credit did have many gratuitous audience shots of well-endowed women with low-cut tops) - a smoking "Live at Montreux 1990" by Gary Moore. The former Thin Lizzy axeman works his way through a great blues set (including a few numbers with Albert Collins as a guest). Particular highlights for me were "The Stumble" and "All Your Love" - great takes on the John Mayall versions of those two classics ("All Your Love" on this DVD certainly cuts the version on Mayall's 70th birthday concert offering). The closer of the set is Moore's take on Roy Buchanan's "The Messiah Will Come Again", one of those set pieces that you would've thought was impossible to cover (quick, name a cover version of "She Loves You"), but unsurprisingly Moore absolutely blazes through the song and makes it his own (while making me not want to look at either my Les Paul or Telecaster for a few weeks). The bonus tracks include Moore's own "Parisienne Walkways", another tour de force for this underrated guitarist. Recommended (it was on sale this weekend at my local Borders for ten bucks - if you happen to be near Borders, see if they've got it at that price; you can't get hurt, as they say).

Finally, a Happy Fourth of July to all - have a safe, fun holiday....


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